CRL - Community Rail Lancashire

Railway Confidence Programme

Community Rail Lancashire’s (CRL) Railway Confidence Programme is largely aimed at Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) schools and groups of children with additional needs, though it can be requested by any group who feels they may benefit from it. The programme aims to encourage confidence of use in the railway, and builds children, young people and adults up to the goal of independent travel.

You can download the programme on the link here: Railway Confidence Programme Community Rail Lancashire

Aims and Objectives
– To expand Community Rail Lancashire’s education programme into non-mainstream schools
– To offer young people in Special Educational Needs and Disability schools the chance to experience the railway, as well as increase their travel confidence
– To increase the confidence of parents in family train use
– To increase diversity and inclusion on local and national railway lines

Target Audience
This programme is largely aimed at SEND schools; however, mainstream schools could opt into the programme for all or some of their young people if they required it. SEND schools can also opt for the standard academic CRL programme if they prefer.

The programme will be most beneficial for young people who need to increase their confidence surrounding independent and group travel, or who require a clear step-by-step guide to railway use.

A new leaflet has been produced that explains the programme and this can be downloaded by clicking this link: RCP Leaflet final