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Accrington Eco Station

Accrington Eco Station – one of the first sustainable stations in the UK

Accrington Station

Accrington Eco Station was one of the UKs first eco stations and has been designed to have less impact on the environment through for example the use of recycled materials in its construction; the application of high-quality insulation to reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling and the generation of electricity by harnessing the sun’s energy.

If you would like to find out more about the eco features of the station click here to view a presentation about the station and here to view a full colour poster about the station.

The project was part funded by the EU’s Interreg IVb programme and was part of a project called SusStations (Sustainable Stations) that involved France, Germany, Northern Ireland  and the Netherlands.

A brand new leaflet has been produced for Accrington Eco Station and this can be downloaded here: Accrington Eco Station Leaflet