CRL - Community Rail Lancashire

Together We Are Trailblazers

‘Together we are tRAILblazers’ is an ongoing project, taking place on the Wigan – Kirkby – Moorfields line.

The project has engaged the young people of Kirkby High school and Hope school to travel the line, taking photos that represent their views and perceptions of rail travel, visiting locations that they would encourage their peers to use rail to access, and responding to the Community Rail Strategy Consultation.

They aim to promote safe and responsible use of the line for other young people, as well as giving them locations to visit that provide free or discounted youth activities.

The young people of Hope school also underwent the Railway Confidence Programme, learning about rail use and safety for young people with additional needs and disabilities.

The photos taken will be used to create artwork which will be put on display at every station from Wigan Wallgate to Moorfields, in partnership with Merseyrail, Merseytravel, ACoRP, the DfT and TfGM. Posters for the line will also be produced showing locations for young people to visit, and leaflets with the same information will be sent to all 102 local schools to promote responsible and confident rail use.

The project will be launched on the 1st of February.

The tRAILblazer project has been funded by CRL, ACoRP’s Small Grants Fund, the DfT’s Designated Community Rail Development Fund and Transport for Greater Manchester.