CRL - Community Rail Lancashire

To Accrington By Train, Foot & Bicycle

Through funding from the Hyndburn Windfall Fund with CRL, the Church and Oswaldtwistle to Accrington – By Train, Foot and Bicycle project has begun. With the support of the Prospect Foundation’s Outdoor Officer, Sonja Bottomer and local artist (with her studio at the Haworth Art Gallery), Gosha Gibec they are working with the Year 5 pupils and Rotakids at Oswaldtwistle St Andrew’s CE Primary School.

It started with the pupils taking part in a nature walk along the Hyndburn station between the two stations. They did leaf rubbings, looked out for natural features and landmarks and drew what they found, starting at the entrance off the platform at Church and Oswaldtwistle Station onto Platform 1 at Accrington Station. They returned to school via train and learnt about where to go by rail and via the Hyndburn Greenway which is part of the National Cycle Route 6 which Sonja has cycled in Nottingham so it really is a long distance route potentially.

Since then, the pupils have started their art sessions back at school and will create artwork that will be displayed at both station entrances to the Hyndburn Greenway, promoting the route and will include child-friendly activity ideas.

The pupils, thanks to the Speakers Arts Fund at the Houses of Parliament were able to start the project and to see how the democratic process works they have been able to visit Lancashire County Council by train. They were able to sit in the Council Chamber itself and learning all about how it works and what’s in it and why.

A Preston station they were welcomed by Avanti West Coast Community and Green champions, Dhani and Michael where they learnt about keeping safe at the station and got to make their own announcements over the station tannoy.