CRL - Community Rail Lancashire

Surprise At School As They Share Success

St Peter’s School, Heysham had a surprise visit last week when Brian Haworth and Gerald Townsend of the Bentham Line (Leeds-Morecambe Community Rail Partnership) brought along the trophy that they  had recently won at the National Community Rail Awards held at Swansea in March.

This was in connection with some work undertaken with the school last summer at Heysham Port when the ‘Rail to Sail’ initiative was launched to emphasise the link between rail travel and the ferry for the Isle of Man. The children had been involved in preparing artwork on the station which greets passengers arriving by train.

Gerald Townson, CRP Chairman, said “We felt it important to let the school know of the success as they had been an integral part of the project last year. We have developed a good working relationship with the school, the year three class are now working at becoming Station Adopters for Heysham, which will help develop a sense of local involvement in this travel link”. He also presented the school with a copy of the winning certificate as well as showing them the trophy.

Brian Haworth, a CRP officer involved with the project, commented “The CRP are delighted to share this success with the children who played a big part of the project. I am looking to undertake another project at St Peter’s in the coming year. It is gratifying to see such enthusiasm from these young people.”