CRL - Community Rail Lancashire

Squires Gate Quarterly Update January 2024

Unfortunately, activities since the last update in October have been seriously affected by the adverse weather conditions and as a result, we have not been able to do as much as we would have liked. However, our Licence for Platform 2 was renewed following a visit and tour with Andy Griffin (Network Rail).

In early November we replaced a damaged Community Rail cabinet door on Platform 1 that been previously damaged either by vandalism or high winds. Thankfully we do have the skills to be able to refurbish and repair the doors, including resealing and securing the acetate door sheet.

And with the support of ISS, we repaired a couple of broken cross-members on the fence line of Platform 1 – ISS provided the materials and we asked them to check our work when next in the area to make sure it was up to the required standard. It was confirmed it was a good job.

We also updated the poster board on Platform 1 with our recent RHS Certificate (Thriving for the 2nd year – we must be doing something correctly). We also prepared the area in front of the fixed Remembrance banner on Platform 2, by weeding the paving and adding new plants to the containers on either side of it. We created another hedgehog hotel by late November but unfortunately there was no en-suite, only straw bedding. It was suitably hidden at the end of Platform 2.

We removed the summer bedding from the containers on Platform 1, as they were beginning to look a bit tired, although they had lasted well into mid-autumn. In the absence of our horticultural guru Carol, it gave myself, Paul and Shirley an opportunity to put on the gardening gloves and replace plants.  (Paul is humorously known by the team for recognising all plants as “weedicus muchicus”).

We also placed a new seat on Platform 1 with the assistance of ISS, it was needed because the previous seat was severely corroded and there was a risk of rail users catching their clothes on rusty edges. Paul was asked to try it out to make sure it was fixed in place correctly and he doesn’t regularly use a crowbar as a walking stick. Mike and Paul removed the battery and pump from the water tanks over winter to protect them.

November soon moved into December and it was time for Christmas Trees to be brought out of store and placed on Platform 2. We had also created some extra decorations suitably waterproofed to adorn the trees this year. January has not allowed us to achieve any activity so far.

To download a compressed PDF with many more photographs click this link: Squires Gate Quarterly Update January 2024