CRL - Community Rail Lancashire

Small Grants Fund Bid Success

Crosshill Special School Art Project for Blackburn Station.

Community Rail Lancashire (CRL) are pleased to announce that they have been successful in a bid to the Community Rail Network for a grant to help support an art project on Blackburn station.

Before Covid restrictions set in Crosshill Special School in Blackburn had been involved in looking after the planters at Blackburn Station. The school are very keen to get back to that work as it is a really great way that their students are able to do something practical outside of the school environment and feel part of the community. CRL’s Katie Musgrove will be supporting the school in this regard.

The waiting room on platform 4 at Blackburn station – Simon Clarke

Whilst they are not able to visit the station the school values the opportunity to continue their engagement with Community Rail Lancashire by creating a piece of artwork to be displayed at the station. The artwork will be printed onto Dibond and be installed in the waiting room on Platform 4. The words ‘Welcome to Blackburn’ will be the central message and the artwork will reflect and celebrate the diversity of the town and the school. The school will be involved in all aspects of the design and Katie will deliver art and rail safety workshops either in-person or online.

There is currently nothing of interest in the waiting room and this artwork will bring a bright and cheerful burst to the otherwise dull environment.

As a result of Covid restrictions rail travel has been significantly hampered and many people are not confident about returning to travel by train. Although a single piece of artwork created by a local school will be tiny drop in the ocean it will make, hopefully, make the journey that little bit better for the passengers.

Crosshill Special School teacher Jane Harrison will work with Katie to create an idea for the artwork. The students at the school will, with Katie’s support, draw themselves and landmarks of Blackburn which will be used to work into a final print-ready design. The school will be able to give feedback and make changes to the design throughout the process.

The students will be thrilled that their artwork is displayed in a public place and it will make their return to the station to look after the planters even more special.