CRL - Community Rail Lancashire

Sisters At The Station

A girls group known as the Sisters Club have adopted Accrington Railway station along with Broadfield Specialist School.


The Sisters Club is usually based at Masjid As Sunnah- a mosque on Park Road, Accrington. The group runs sessions for young girls from ages 5 – 15 every Sunday to teach them various skills such as arts and crafts, story telling and charity work. The group wanted to work within the community and decided to adopt Accrington railway station so that they could help look after this integral part of their community. Sisters Club holds an afternoon tea on the last Sunday of every month for women of all ages and faiths at the mosque. They are now hoping to hold the afternoon tea at the station while they tend to the plants and flowers!


The girls from Sisters Club came to see the station on Sunday and worked with the Community Rail Lancashire team to learn about the safety rules in order to work on the platform safely. Over the next few months they will design some art work that can be displayed at the station and help to keep the station clean as well as planting some new bee friendly wild flowers.