CRL - Community Rail Lancashire


Darwen Asylum and Refugee Enterprise (DARE) brought some seasonal cheer to passengers along the Clitheroe line today, Wednesday 20th December 2022, as they travelled from Darwen to Clitheroe distributing gifts and cards to everyone.

DARE helps to support refugees from all parts of the world who have come to the UK escaping war and persecution. The volunteer led organisation helps to provide practical and emotional assistance to these families and has been working with Community Rail Lancashire to help them travel safely and confidently by train. With support from Northern the group of 60 adults and children travelled to Clitheroe with Shahiesta Raja, CRL’s Education Development Officer. All Northern staff at the stations and on the train were extremely supportive and helped to make the trip safe enjoyable for everyone.

John East from DARE who helped organise the event commented that it had been a memorable trip for some very vulnerable families and wouldn’t have happened without the help and support from Northern and Community Rail Lancashire.