CRL - Community Rail Lancashire

Now CRL Is Flushed With Success

Following on from the story about Bentham station twinning with a toilet in Guatamala (, CRL is pleased to announce that it has successfully twinned its toilet in the Accrington Bunker.

At the recent CRL Board  Meeting it was agreed that we should follow the Friends of Bentham Station’s lead and twin with a toilet in an area where people live below the poverty line and have little access to fresh water and safe sanitation.

As CRL has strong educational links it was decided that we should aim to twin with a school’s toilet block in Zambia. The certificate confirming the twinning arrived in Accrington today and can be seen above.

The detail of the site of the school toilet block in Choma District, Southern Province, Zambia is as follows: Latitude -16.90659 Longitude 27.19069, and if you enter these coordinates into Google Maps and select the satellite view then this is what you will see:

From the photograph on the certificate it is likely that the toilets are in the clearing just south of the red arrow indicator.

Toilet twinning is a water and sanitation initiative that is flushing away poverty, one toilet at a time – find full details and twin your toilet on this site