CRL - Community Rail Lancashire

New Artwork Installed At Accrington Eco Station

Community Rail Lancashire has teamed up with local artist Alastair Nicholson to produce a  series of panels to show the features of Accrington Eco Station. These art installations, placed along the fence on platform 1 allow both visitors to Accrington and passengers on passing trains to easily grasp the eco-friendly features of the station.

The panels, a product of the collaborative vision between Community Rail Lancashire and Alastair, artfully depict the various green initiatives integrated into the design and operation of Accrington Eco Station. From energy-efficient practices to eco-friendly materials, the artwork provides an insightful journey into what makes this station a sustainable building.

A larger panel will be installed on the wall of the Eco Station itself in the near future. This addition not only aims to offer more detailed information for station visitors but also serves as a striking centrepiece contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the Eco Station.

This project was funded by Community Rail Network Development Fund and Prospects Windfall grant.