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Lytham Station History Poster

The unveiling of the latest South Fylde Line station history poster took place at Lytham station  on Friday 11th March. Members of the station’s friends group, contributors and the South Fylde Line Community Rail Partnership were there to celebrate.

Tony Ford, Chairman of the Community Rail Partnership commented, “I am really pleased that yet more of the railway’s history is being shared with the public through these informative history posters.

This is one of several posters that is now on display along the South Fylde Line. There are still a few more to go, but to quote a past railway advertising slogan ‘we’re getting there!’

Cllr Brenda Blackshaw, Chairman of Friends of Lytham Railway Station, said: “We are absolutely thrilled with this fantastic poster created by Peter Fitton, as it is a truly wonderful piece of artwork that celebrates the history of Lytham Station.

Not only is it visually attractive, but it is also very informative and both residents and visitors alike will enjoy its presence.

We are very proud of Lytham Station and our team of volunteers work hard to maintain and improve the facilities constantly to ensure a welcoming experience for everyone who travels through the station.”

Caroline Holden, Community Rail Development Officer at Community Rail Lancashire added: “I am thrilled that people visiting the station will now be able to read about its history. It is such a delight to view the station in bygone days and amazing to see how the frontage of the station remains very similar.  Thanks to all involved in creating this poster, particularly Peter Fitton who researched, provided photographs and compiled it.

To download a copy of the poster click this link: Lytham Station History – other stations along the line and across the Community Rail Lancashire area also have history posters and these can be seen on this link: