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Chairman Reports on a Further Successful Year for the Leeds, Morecambe CRP

The Leeds-Morecambe Community Rail Partnership held a hybrid AGM, for the second year running, on 6th July 2042, with guests either attending in person at Bentham station or online via a video link.

Annual Report – front cover

Gerald Townson, Chairman presented the annual report to the meeting covering the diverse and extensive activities of the Partnership from its recently published and well received ‘Bentham Line Strategy to 2042’ to the continuing educational work with primary schools along the route. He highlighted the LMCRP’s work with Northern’s Year in Industry students and the successful ‘Access for All’ project undertaken with this year’s cohort. This is the fourth year of this flourishing partnership which is proving to be rewarding for all involved and provides the students opportunities to see community aspects of the railway and make a lasting contribution.

At the AGM, the following appointments were made for 2022 – 23:

Chairman – Gerald Townson (Friends of Bentham Station)

Vice Chairman, Secretary and Press Officer – Rod Tickner (Aire Valley Rail User Group)

Treasurer – Hugh Turner (Co-opted, new)

Directors – The above together with Graham North (NYCC), Mike Cliffe (LCC, new), Simon Clarke (CRL), David Bousfield (LM&DRUG), Richard Rollins (LASRUG), Richard Watts (Co-opted),

The Bentham Line Annual Report 2021 – 22 can be seen hereand the accompanying slideshow here.