CRL - Community Rail Lancashire

Integrated Sustainable Travel Grant Awarded

The East Lancashire Community Rail Partnership is very pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant from the Integrated Sustainable Travel in Community Rail Fund. The grant is part of £10k project to improve links between the bus and rail stations in Accrington and to promote active travel by walking and cycling.

This project aims to address the above issues through several overlapping strands that will improve active and car free journeys to Accrington Railway Station. Central to this is the improvement of the visibility of the route between Accrington railway and bus stations to encourage more interchange between the modes. This will be achieved through the improvement of signage between the railway and bus stations, the development of a map that will be displayed at both locations which will have a QR code that will enable the map to be downloaded onto a mobile phone. Improved visibility of the bus information screen at the railway station. To encourage more walking and cycling the project will also look at ways to increase awareness of the Hyndburn Greenway which provides a safe, off road route.

The funding will be used to:

+  To provide improved signage between the rail and bus stations.

+  To develop a map showing the route between the bus and rail stations which will include a QR code to enable the map to be downloaded to a mobile phone.

+  To improve awareness of the walking and cycling routes to the railway station using the Hyndburn Greenway, in particular the sections along the Baxenden Trail and from the station towards Church & Oswaldtwistle. A route map would be produced that would be available from the railway station, by QR code and on line.

The East Lancashire CRP and Community Rail Lancashire, who are providing match funding, thank the Department of Transport and the Community Rail Network for the support with this grant to help with this project.