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Hidden Gems Project Report

Katie Musgrove, CRL’s Special Needs Education Officer recently completed a photography project across Merseyside with the installation of art work at seven stations.

Katie with the installed art work at Bootle New Strand station – Simon Clarke

‘Hidden Gems’ was conceived as a photography project that would engage local school and community groups across Merseyside and West Lancashire. Our aim was to work with local people to encourage a sense of connection to their local train stations and foster a sense of pride in the area surrounding it. Through this project we wanted to provide a platform for people to explore, discover and share the places that were local and of interest to them and photography was a very accessible way to do so. Three train lines, Liverpool-Southport, Southport-Wigan and Wigan-Liverpool, were involved and thirteen stations were chosen to be part of the project as focus points.

To read the full project report click the link here: Hidden Gems – Project Report

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