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Growing Friendships At Kirkham & Wesham Station

Kirkham and Wesham Train Station now has the benefit of its own community of dedicated volunteers. ‘Grow Kirkham and Wesham Station’ is a group committed to looking after the station and focusing on maintaining and improving its appearance.

Debbie Davies (centre) discusses adopting the station with Mick Elliott and Caroline Holden.

Community group leader Debbie Davies explains: ““Our aim is to further improve the look and feel of the station, putting in more planters and focusing on growing a mixture of edibles and pollinator-friendly plants.”

“Thanks to the South Fylde Community Rail Partnership (CRP), there have been volunteers keeping an eye on the station in recent years, making sure it’s tidy and looked after, particularly the Friends of Ansdell Station Group, which was much appreciated. It’s wonderful to now have a dedicated local group to focus on the Station and the surrounding community.”

“The new group came about as an offshoot of the ‘Grow Kirkham and Wesham Community Group’ which we set up earlier in the year to encourage people to grow their own food, live a more sustainable lifestyle, and just generally to “grow” a stronger community in the town.”

“Rather than sticking to the usual annual bedding plants, we’d like to plant herbs and vegetables around the station too. It would be great for commuters to be able to pick a few salad leaves or herbs as they make their way home.”

“We’ve already held a couple of sessions; tidying up the beds, weeding and cutting back overgrown plants, as well as planting a mixture of spring bulbs. We’ll be planning more dates as we move into the new year which will be a combination of weekday and weekends so that anyone that wants to get involved has the opportunity to do so. The more, the merrier.”

Potential volunteers can find more information on the ‘Grow Kirkham and Wesham Station’ Facebook page.

Tony Ford, Chairman of the South Fylde CRP shares Debbie’s enthusiasm: “It’s great to see volunteers pulling together and making an impact. Hopefully their activities will benefit the community by making the station an even more attractive and welcoming place for all, and will enable volunteers to make a positive difference to the local area, meeting new people and sharing skills.”

Caroline Holden is a Community Rail Development Officer with Community Rail Lancashire and thinks the group is already doing valuable work: “It’s great to see more people getting actively involved, especially in a way that benefits the community and environment in so many ways. The team have been busy and have made a visible difference already, I can’t wait to see more of the fruits of their labour come springtime.” “I look forward to seeing what Grow Kirkham and Wesham Station does next!”