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Dick, Kerr Ladies Lily Lee Talk

Following the success of the Dick, Kerr Ladies Project in association with Avanti West Coast in 2022, the interest in this women’s football team continues, especially following on from the success of the Lionesses in the 2022 Euros.

Photos above show the talk on 1st March that Pat CRL’s our D,KL volunteer did at the Blackburn Rovers Remember group on her Great Aunt Lilly Lee.


Pat McMellon became an invaluable volunteer when we reached out for information about the Dick, Kerr Ladies at Preston Station, during 2022. Pat’s Great Aunt, Lilly Lee was a member of the original Dick, Kerr Ladies team and during Covid Pat researched her great aunt in depth and her connection to women’s football.

On Wed 1st March, through CRL’s links with Blackburn Rovers Football Trust, Pat was invited to give the talk on her Great Aunt to the Blackburn Rovers Remember group at Ewood Park, the morning after Blackburn Rovers success in the current round of the FA Cup – a home match to boot!

Mill Hill Station is the nearest one to Ewood Park and ideal if you ever find yourself off to one of their football matches.