CRL - Community Rail Lancashire

Destination Wellbeing

Once again Northern Trains have made arrangements for their “Year In Industry” students to have a placement with the Bentham Line (Leeds-Morecambe Community Rail Partnership). This is the fifth such cohort of university students who take a break from their academic studies between the second and third year to sample working for a large organisation.

They come from a number of academic institutions across the north of England studying a diverse range of subjects that include Geography, Business Studies, Information Technology and other subjects. They are placed in a wide variety of offices between Manchester and York covering roles in operational management, finance or support services. The only occasion when they meet during their placement as a distinct group is on the placement with the CRP.

They work closely with Brian Haworth, Community Rail Partnership Officer for the Bentham Line to prepare a project of their own choice which will address issues around the communities along the routes and those who use train services to improve an aspect of the travel experience. They have already spent time together, having a dementia friends awareness session lead by Rod Tickner, vice-chairman of the CRP and an Alzheimer’s Society Ambassador for Dementia Friends. These sessions are augmented with additional material relevant to rail travel to set their understanding within the context of the CRP’s remit.

This year’s topic is Destination Wellbeing. They are particularly concerned about the wellbeing of their peers, especially in the aftermath of COVID related restrictions on movement and socialising. This will be explored through various themes such as: culture, accessing the outdoors, reflecting on heritage, active life styles and social interactions. They are due to launch their project in the first week of July this year.

Brian Haworth, Community Rail Officer said “I am very much looking forward to what imaginative interpretations they can bring to this topic, and I am sure that the final work will be of lasting benefit to the wider community along the line as well as giving them a good grounding in the working world.”