CRL - Community Rail Lancashire

CRL Bid Success

Community Rail Lancashire is pleased to announce that it has been successful in a bid to the Designated Community Rail Development Fund (DCRDF).

This latest bid was to help with the development of an I-Spy booklet to further expand CRL’s education programme. Working with new partners Virgin Train West Coast, the I-Spy book is themed around Preston’s main line station. The intention is to use the book when primary school children from schools along the Preston to Ormskirk and Preston to Blackpool South lines visit Preston with the CRL education team.


The partners of the Designated Community Rail Development Fund (DCRDF) considered the application to the fund and were delighted to agree the bid for £432.00 for the I-Spy booklet.

The Designated Community Rail Development Fund (DCRDF) is supported by the Department for Transport and the Association of Community Rail Partnerships and is an annual funding stream for community rail lines that have been designated as a part of the government’s Community Rail Strategy.