CRL - Community Rail Lancashire

CRL Annual Report 2019

Community Rail Lancashire is pleased to reveal that its Annual Report for 2019 is now available to download by clicking on the image below.

Richard Watts, Chair Community Rail Lancashire, welcoming its publication commented:

“CRL is delighted to publish its Annual Report for 2019 covering the huge variety of activities carried out by the CRL team and the many volunteers who help support the work of the rail industry. The report highlights the many diverse projects that took place last year and some in the early part of 2020. I hope you fund the report interesting and inspiring. I commend it to you.”

Richard continued:

“Despite the challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic the team are still busy working from home developing amongst other things rail based home activities for children and families. These can be accessed on the Down the Line website by using the following link: CRL has also welcomed Caroline Holden to the team and she will be working across the Lancashire CRPs. In the meantime she has been introducing herself to the many station partnerships who do such valuable work at our stations”.