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Connecting Accrington Station With Memorable Journeys

Community Rail Lancashire (CRL), in partnership with Connecting East Lancashire (CEL) and local artist Alastair Nicholson, is proud to launch the final pieces of its Memorable Journeys project.

The last short film by Huckleberry Films showing the final stages of the project, including the installation of the artwork at Accrington Railway Station, has been completed. The film can be viewed by clicking on this link or click on the link at the bottom of this article. The film has also been added to the website and can be viewed by visiting At the same time Shahiesta Raja, for CRL, has produced a report summing up the project which can be viewed by clicking on this link

Filming in Peel Park School

Shahiesta Raja, CRL’s Community Rail Education Development Officer, commented: “It has  great to work on a local project that I am sure will have an impact on the local community. The films produced by Huckleberry Films are a great way for all to see the ways in which the schools, CRL, CEL and local artist Alastair Nicholson have worked together to create something that not only brightens up the station platforms but gives all involved a sense of belonging to their town and their station.”

“Writing the best practice paper to showcase the project helped me to realise how making links with schools to work with our passengers of the future can impact on their views of their town and their community. The pupils at Hyndburn Park and Peel Park primary schools were a credit to their schools, families and community.”

For CEL, Amanda Jenkinson added: “It’s been an absolute pleasure working with CRL, Alastair, Huckleberry Films and, of course, the staff and students from Hyndburn Park and Peel Park Primary schools. Connecting East Lancashire feel this project will not only enhance the station but it will also give the students involved a sense of pride in the knowledge their work will be on display for all to see.”

Caroline Eccles from Huckleberry Films added: “Having grown up in Accrington and used the railway station since being young, this has been a really special project to work on. I have my own memories of trips out on the train as a child, and so it was lovely to see so many journeys brought to life in this newly commissioned artwork.”

“It’s fantastic to see the platform come to life with the bright collage art created by Alastair and pupils from both schools. Everyone’s worked really hard to create the pieces. I hope that when the children see their work they are proud of being involved and that it will encourage them to develop their art skills, as well as making the station a brighter more inviting place for people who use it.”