CRL - Community Rail Lancashire

Broadfield Specialist School Oswaldtwistle

Broadfield Specialist School in Oswaldtwistle has been visiting Accrington Railway Station to work in the garden at the rear of the booking office.

The school has bringing a small group of students to the station every Wednesday afternoon since start of term in September. Work started by weeding the raised beds. This has taken many weeks as the weeds were really severe and had really long roots. The weather has not been very kind to them either and they have experienced a lot of rain but have carried on weeding.

A lawn mower and a strimmer have been purchased and the group have managed to use the strimmer, but not the mower as the ground is too wet. They also pruned down the two apple trees and bushes to make them look neater, and are trying to straighten the apple trees by using strong canes to support them.

After the October Half Term another group joined the project on Thursday mornings doing much the same (a lot of weeding).

The group have purchased some bulbs to plant before December (Snowdrops and various coloured Crocus). These are now in the ground so hopefully everyone will be able to see them growing in the spring.

The two groups are looking forward to working back at the station after the Christmas Holidays and hopefully the weather will begin to get better!!!