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Ansdell & Fairhaven Spring Update 2024

Friends of Ansdell & Fairhaven Station – Team Update (January – April 2024)


This is our third team update which we hope you will find informative. Our new year started like most volunteers I guess, wet and miserable, but when an opportunity arose, we grabbed it and did some work at the station. The start of the year saw the first promise of what was to come, even though it was cold, damp and icy. A single yellow crocus said “hi”, my friends will be joining me eventually with some daisies following its example. Even daffodil and tulip bulbs were forcing their way through the surface of the soil. Over the years it is interesting how plants have changed their pattern of growth due, we assume, to the changes in temperatures that have affected the surfaces of the earth. We planted Bellis later in the month and cut up some logs.

To see the full report click on the link here: Ansdell & Fairhaven Update January – April 2024