CRL - Community Rail Lancashire

ACoRP Small Grants Bid Success

Community Rail Lancashire has heard that it has been successful in a bid for a grant from the Association of Community Rail Partnerships’ (ACoRP) Small Grant Fund.

Over the course of CRL’s Railway Confidence Programmes and our wider education programmes, CRL has had several students take part who are partially sighted who would benefit from additional supportive resources.

CRL is therefore creating a set of exciting ‘i-hear’ flash cards. These are similar to i-spy cards, but focus on the sounds experienced during a rail journey rather than the sights. The cards feature a clear photograph, written English of the sound and a Universal English Braille translation of the sound, such as ‘trains rushing’, ‘whistles blowing’ and ‘people talking’. These cards will also benefit students who require simple, visual resources.

A sample of what an i-hear card might look like.

Through using i-hear cards, we will be able to ensure that all students are able to participate in our rail-based programmes, and, crucially, do this with their peers, due to the multiple communication forms on the cards, meaning no student is singled out or isolated as part of the process.

This project is funded by Community Rail Lancashire and ACoRP’s Small Grants Fund.