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A Grand Day Out To The Seaside

Each year The Leeds Morecambe Community Rail Partnership (LMCRP) hosts a group of Year in Industry students who are on placement with Northern, the local train operator, to undertake a community project along the Bentham Line. The 2019/20 group created a colourful and imaginative story for young children about a journey along our scenic line.

These second-year students, from universities across the north of England, collaborated with local professional artist, Alastair Nicholson, to create the lavishly illustrated story book based around a group of new friends making their way from Leeds to the seaside at Morecambe.

The characters, the story and the basis for the unique computer-generated designs were all developed by the students, who captured the sense of community spirit and volunteering along the route, whist including essential elements about railway safety throughout the book. In the book the students also encourage children to recycle waste and consider the environment.

The book features various stations along the line including Leeds, Shipley, Keighley, Skipton, Bentham, Carnforth and Morecambe.

Brian Haworth (right) with the three 2019/20 students outside Carnforth on the day of the launch – Brian Haworth collection

The book was recently launched at an event at Carnforth Station Heritage Centre. We were delighted to welcome back three of the ten students who helped to create the book, Hugo MacFadyen, Alex Kerr and Ethan Worthington, along with Alastair, the artist.

Gerald Townson, Chair of LMCRP, said; “Why not make your own ‘Grand Day Out’ to the seaside, countryside or city using our newly-refurbished trains along our beautiful route through the Pennines?”

You can download an electronic copy of the book from the CRP website on this link:

A printed copy of 40-page full-colour book can be obtained from the partnership by post, free of charge, from Bentham Station Building, Station Road, Bentham, Lancaster, LA2 7LF, or can be picked up in person from Bentham Station.