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Kids In The Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen is a initiative by the Lancashire And Region Dietary Education Resource (The Larder) to get children learning about cooking during the Covid-19 lockdown.


Volunteers from The Larder have made a series of videos that are on their YouTube Channel and these simple to follow recipes can be used to create some fantastic food.

The YouTube channel can be found here: but the individual recipes can be watched by clicking the links below and there are some easy to follow PDF recipe cards that can be downloaded as well.

Pineapple & Chickpea curry

Download the PDF here: Pineapple and Chickpea curry

Game of Scones pizza

Download the PDF here: Game of Scones pizza

Return of The Mac-N-Cheese

Download the PDF here: Return of The Mac-N-Cheese

Hop Scotch Drop Scones

Download the PDF here: Hop-Scotch Drop Scones

Cheesy Shepherdess Pie

Download the PDF here: Cheesy Shepherdess Pie

Fam-A-Lam Fit Frittata

Download the PDF here: Fam-A-Lam Fit Frittata

In Fritters We Trust

Download the PDF here: In Fritters We Trust

Squish Squash Soup

Download the PDF here: Squish Squash Soup

Banana-Rama Easter Cake

Download the PDF here: Banana-Rama Easter Cake

Tomato & Lentil Soup and Egg-cellent Easter Biscuits (same video)

Download the PDFs here: Tomato and Lentil Soup & Egg-cellent Easter Biscuits

Super-Cauliflower Cheese Expialidocious

And finally one with no video so far but download the PDF here: Super-Cauliflower Cheese Expialidocious