CRL - Community Rail Lancashire


Community Rail Lancashire Art and Wildlife Project 2017, working with Heyhouses Primary School and Park View 4U.

Following Heyhouses Primary School in St. Anne’s taking part in CRL’s educational programme, which included an artefacts session in school and a visit to Preston station, Community Rail Lancashire started an art and wildlife project based on St. Anne’s-on-the-Sea station, working with Heyhouses, Park View 4 U, a charity based in Lytham and their local Forest school leader and artist Julie Norman.

The project saw 90 year 4 children creating environmentally friendly products and artwork that will show passengers coming into St. Anne’s by train what there is on offer. The project began its first session in school on Tuesday 28th February with the children sketching their ideas. The children have produced art work for new running in boards, beach themed bird boxes, colourful pebbles and planting new plants at the station. The final elements of the project are expected to be completed and celebrated in the summer term!

Phase One

On Tuesday 18th April 2017 Heyhouses completed the first part of their art project at St Anne’s station, 30 children (out of the 90 participating in the project) walked to the station to have their bird boxes and butterfly houses fitted, the children have made a variety of homes for different types of birds including ones for robins and wrens, some of these were attached to the trees and others to the fencing on the platforms. Julie Norman has spent the last few weeks making the bird boxes and butterfly houses with the children discussing what kinds of animals and insects might make these into their home at the station! Tony Ford, Chair of the South Fylde Line CRP and member of St. Anne’s Town Council, and other stakeholders involved in the project were present to help the children find a suitable location to attach their bird boxes.

Phase Two

On Tuesday 2nd May 2017 Heyhouses enjoyed a lovely walk in the sunshine from school to St Anne’s station once more, this was the second group of 30 children that carried out their project work after extensive research into different types of plants, and artwork designed with plants the children were able to put their new knowledge and understanding into practice. Each child received a plant kindly donated by the ‘In Bloom’ group and town councillor Tony Ford was on hand to help children with these. The mayor also came to thank the children for their hard work and have a look at the planting they were doing! The children managed to fill a 4.8m planter on the station platform!

Phase Three

The final part of the Heyhouses project has seen the children’s artwork created into PDF’s for printing. Once these have been printed onto signs there will be a new sign underneath the running in boards with the ‘Home of the International Kite Festival’ showcasing the bright and varied colours and shapes of kites that visitors to St Anne’s can see during the annual festival. There will be two other displays of artwork on the station, some beach themed and others showing the types of plants that help protect and nurture the wildlife and animals that live locally to the station.

Launch Day

The children will be coming back over to St Anne’s station on Friday 14th July 2017 to present and launch their artwork to their friends and family, in the meantime they are extremely busy making lighthouses and information leaflets to hand out to their friends and family!

A PDF version of the project notes can be downloaded by clicking the link here: Heyhouses Art & Wildlife Project